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When days are shitty just remember the Locks

When days are shitty just remember the Locks

Today seemed like a good day to ride.
Not too warm, sunny, plenty of other bikes so if I were to be hit it’d be similar to an old man plowing through a farmer’s market.
Yet when my alarm went off at 6am it seemed the worst thing on Earth.
Couple that with the pain that the inability to adjust my seat’s angle has caused to my upper thighs and it was a no go.

Shame really.
I wager that 40 minute ride would have changed some of my outlook for the day. See the thing is thing never panned out today.

Starting with my leaving my e brake off as I left my car causing it to roll for a bit, not enough to cause destruction but enough to cause anxiety. Then giving poor direction to overhires, not difficulty following instructions, and lastly the over all feeling of lethargy at the end of the day.

Then as I’m driving home I see a bike train, fairly long one too, one of mixed skills and ability. Some folks in spandex and some folks in regular clothes. I wished I had joined in. I think that the bike commute could have made my day a bit better.
But I chose to drive.
A choice I regret.
A choice that upsets me.


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