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Just Visiting

Ventured down to Long Beach to visit my family.
Also to see some of the town where I once lived and I’m not exactly sure why I never biked when I lived here.
Sure I walk a fair bit but eventually the car culture of Los Angeles did catch up to me as I began to drive.
And from there it never fully left.
Even now as I try to make biking my default means of travel I have to fight against the drive to, well, drive.

Also I’m fairly certain the bike lanes, lights, and overall infrastructure wasn’t in place when I lived here.
Yeah I recall riding my BMX to Marina Pacifica a number of times  to catch a movie  butIt- there were no bike paths. We’d ride without helmets on the sidewalk. Not that there were pedestrians. After all no body walks in LA.
Or so the rumor goes.

But today, right now, Long Beach is making biking seem quite attractive and one way is the bike racks.
No tubular grey steel racks here.
Blue bikes, suns, multicolor fish by the Lagoon, and coffee cups in front of cafés .
It’s a small thing but it gives the notion of riding a bike more whimsy and less serious spandex.
or so I feel.


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