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Last night the Fifth had its gala.
They made a boat load of money.
Probably spent a canoe load on the event.
But that’s life in the modern theatre.
Before I end up complaining about the fact the work of the theatre has shifted from producing work to convincing people and companies that supporting a theatre is culturally important.
Like begging up you don’t often seen folks with signs that read “Will created art for money”.
But I haven’t been on the art crawl lately.

So last night was fun.
It was stressful, confusing, and odd but fun.
Then I biked home in my gala finest and crashed in a bit of a stupor.

This morning I had the sort of weekend day normal folks have.
Some normality of the Northwest, true, but normal.
It began with biking to brunch.
Then a drink at a brewery, then playing cards in a park, and ended with a shaved ice cocktail.

If it wasn’t for all the other people trying to do these things it would have been great.
Unfortunately I had my fill of people last night so crowds bothered me.
Still great sunday.

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