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Break down

Quite a long time ago I was going to Las Vegas with some of the crew from CMST.
As we neared the California Nevada Border the driver informed us our gas situation was dire.
Like run out in the middle of desert dire.
Like we trusted this idiot to drive us to Vegas and he failed to have enough gas to get us there.
The moron.
We stopped at a place called “Razor Ridge” where there was a service station charging, the then unheard of, amount of $3.50 per gallon.

Now as I drove back and forth from New Mexico to California I’d see these stations and know they were situated in just the right place where their crazy prices made a profit. Sure most rational people would Wizz by but that one random person in need has no choice.

Thoughts of this crossed my mind as I passed the Fred Meyer and I heard a pop from my rear hub.
Was a quick sharp sound, not unlike metal deciding it’s had enough.
I broke a spoke.

Given how early I leave for work it’s not a huge issue and with those bike shops, even if they feel like Razor Ridge at times, it’s useful. Especially today.
I go to Bike sport and they say it’d be an hour, close to my call but doable. I go for it, head to bad Jimmy’s for a beer and I’m not even half way through when I get a call that the work is done.
Man alive.
That was quick.
Pick up my bike and I’m on my way.

By the by this whole thing had a different feel but as I started writing it at Bad Jimmy’s I got the call my bike was ready. For some reason I expected more problems with my bike. Don’t get me wrong the Raleigh has been a fine bike but at times I feel like I’m beating it up and it can’t handle me.
Like we’re fighting.
Still I do like it and don’t want to replace it just yet. Some of that is the amount of cash I have put into it but lately it has made riding so easy. Sure I get passed a fair bit but I have been doing pretty good on hills. Yes some of that is the influx of new riders, yes it’s also the mild weather but let me live in my delusions.

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