Damn Early


When only 52 other people have crossed the Fremont it's early

If it weren’t for the nothern longitude my ride this morning would have been in darkness.
Perhaps I’d get to see the sunrise, over rate I’ll have you know, but by the time I set out the sun was up, the day was bright, and the world was slowly waking up.
Give it to weekday commuters and jobs having to be done there were a few others I encountered on my ride. Had it been the weekend I might have run into some folks going the other way but no I was beating the rush into work.
Where you may wonder had me leaving my house at 430am, why the Paramount Theatre where some over night event needed loading out.
Normally I would have passed on it, after all I don’t currently need the money nor hours, still the hint of desperation in the voice of the dispatcher got my to wake my ass up early and proceed to Downtown Seattle in the early hours of the morning.

The question of the job being worth it did cross my mind.
5 hours of work on something that didn’t promise to be too difficult. As well I got to hear a bit of gossip and see people I may not otherwise. Being at the Fifth has me seeing most of the same people and with that comes the feeling the whole world isn’t out there.

Also I’d be done, could have lunch (Indian food), and still have a nap before my evening show.
All of these things I did.
But 4:30 am.
For the first time I put cold brew coffee in a water bottle for my ride.
My snack upon arriving was a breakfast burrito.
I made it through the day, got my hours, and had a decent time.
Still I could have been asleep.


The marquee for what we were taking out.

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