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Yesterday was a day off.
Sure I had a small bit of work to do at the Labor Temple but otherwise nothing to do all day but play Skyrim. I’ve been curious about getting to the Pinball Museum by bike for a while. See getting there by car or bus is a pain. Not that it’s out of the way but crossing downtown can be an absurd problem. Yet by bike downtown is mostly doable, often risky but doable.
Also I’d get to through the waterfront slalom avoiding tourists, vendors, and ferry passengers. Sounds fun.
And it was.
Also pretty easy. I used Google maps to check elevation changes and the route I took had very little in the way of change. Which made for a nice ride, and it was sunny, warm but not too warm, and I hadn’t been to the Pinball Museum since they opened the upper playfield.
A great time was had.


The Upper Playfield took a while for them to unlock

Lately I’ve been noticing the way people lock up their bikes.
I hardly believe that my method isn’t the best ever but most of my bike is pretty secure and I take most of the easy to steal things with me. Yet over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a number of bikes left leaning against bike racks, often with a lock wrapped around the seat post but doing no good
It all started when I went to chucks and a bike fell over as I left. It was not attached to the rack in any way but gravity. Then near G&O there was another just left by the rack.
And yesterday there was one like that at the Uwajimaya and by the Pinball museum one where the lock was attached the seat post to the rack. And the seat post had a quick release so pull the seat, free the bike, put the seat back, and leave the lock.
So I got a little curious as to why?
Sure for the most part Seattle is a safe place but this goes beyond the idea of safety and has the feel of a small town every door open and trust your neighbors.
Now I don’t long for New York style fear but to come out and find your bike gone may lead to a Pee Wee style adventure but more than likely it’ll just be cussing and screaming.
Although it could be these people have enough money and don’t care. Or the bikes are so beat up they have no real value so there is nothing is lost in the theft. But I wonder.
Wonder and take pictures because you need a hobby.


Not even remotely locked



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