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A Year Plus

My bike’s adoption date is June 6th.
I didn’t buy it a cake but I did get a new bell to replace the cheap one that was beginning to be less than ideal.
Also I may have eaten cake that day but that is merely a coincidence.

For over a year I have tried to ride my bike. Except for that bit during winter where I was too sick or recovering from being too sick and in April when new work meant 30 days of Biking was “Hello Exercise Bike; Let’s Hang Out”. Recently I have begun the morning commute on 8am start days when I expect to go 8-10 hours. I still don’t think of myself as a “cyclist” but others probably do. Like I don’t consider myself a hipster but when I went to a party earlier in the month I did hear, “some hipster is walking up” as I approached the door.

So when I told my friend Freedom I wondered how much beer I could carry for July 4th and she offered to drive me it might be time to reevaluate what being a cyclist means?
Is it the spandex wearing road bike enthusiast or the parent with a couple kids on a cargo bike? Is it me with my steels and long coat or the gal riding the step thru in a skirt? Or is it just someone riding a bike?

See a year ago I did not consider myself a cyclist but merely someone that road a bike. Now I’m not as certain and it could be like being a hipster: Only a few embrace it but most claim they aren’t. Also I am sure there are folks that would ride circles, perhaps literally, around me who would find me a fair weather rider. But there is probably another camp that sees me as a cyclist and the enemy. While it is speculation it is also something to think about.

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