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Long Weekend

Had a long weekend.
Well could have been longer if I had decided that being Dovakin seemed a better choice than working at a theatre.
So it was a bit of work for me.
But the Fourth was utterly surrounded by days off is not something I have experienced in sometime. For the most part I was involved in this theatre festival for the past two summers. Got the single day off but couldn’t go too wild because it was bright and early the next day to make this bizarre dream of a summer festival in Seattle happen.
Sure two summers ago I drank wine and ate cheese while getting a bad sun burn at Golden Gardens.
Last summer had fire works and a BBQ without massive sunburn.
So it was quite good.
Started off by hearing some patriotic music at the Locks. Which allow me to say going outdoors to hear a civic band play some patriotic music is the idealized vision of what Independence Day should be.
That and Will Smith saying, “Welcome to Earth.”
I biked over knowing that parking was going to be madness and walking seemed less fun. But a load of other people had the same idea. Which is great but I have never seen the bike rack at the Locks that packed. Good on all those people that had similar thoughts as me. Especially the one that has a bike trailer attached to a cruiser. You are awesome.

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