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We Will Rock You

Days starting at 8am and ending at 11 have made me hesitate in my commute a few times.
More so when my Monday call was a grueling 3 hour ordeal followed by a 5 hour frenzy.  Quite fun I’d love to say but when I decided that biking out were good plans I couldn’t be sure of the next day.
True a neighbor offered me a ride home and I turned it down because I wanted to know.
Answer: I can do it.


Let me back up.
This show is a musical rock show extravaganza presented in the nearly 100 year old 5th Avenue Theatre.
Not our usual fare but frankly it’s an interesting show if a bit lacking but the audience enjoyed it and frankly if it draws people in that’s what it has to be. Still 5 trucks loaded with gear dumped on our doorstep and then put in in about 13 hours is quite a feat. Yes it may not be completely loaded in and the crew a bit toasty but we did it.
And at 11:30 Monday night I turned down a ride home in order to bike.
Then I woke up Tuesday and biked in.
Also I hadn’t slept well but that is a side note about summer messing with my sleep schedule more than a blame of the load in but I was a heading home last night it felt good.

I’d been warm all day and to ride in the cool night air around Lake Union felt just right. The relaxing come down after a  frenzied day and then home to eat something, show, and to bed.

But getting home had an interesting element to it too. See I’ve been having problems with my bike seat since my old seat post was stolen. My current one works fairly well but having the seat set to the right angle and position will occasionally come undone. See I’m not the lightest person around and the metal sometimes has enough and loses, the angle changes, and I end up with a pain in my ass.

So this happened during my ride in and I thought I had reset the angle well enough. By Ship Canal I knew that familiar pain in my ass and stopped to make an adjustment.
As I’m changing the angle I hear a boom, like a fire work going off, and look to the sky for the explosion.
One didn’t come, so I assumed it may have been a transformer going but there hadn’t been a flash of light first.
I keep going until I start seeing flashing lights near the Fred Meyer.
Seems there was a crash into the Albert Lee.
Police, reporters, the like.
So I snap a picture, move to Leary and head home.


That’s the first time I have seen something like that on the trail.
Sure I’ve almost been hit but in many cases I wasn’t paying the kind of attention I should have or moved into someone’s blind spot. Only a few months ago when a woman tried to run me off the road while I biked along 5th was the first time I couldn’t look back on a near miss and see that I had some fault.
In that case it was a driver not wanting to share the road.
So to see a car trying to make Albert Lee a drive through furniture store made me think of near misses and how things could have been especially if I rode faster than I do.
Oh well.

When I went to wind down at home my roommate left me a surprise in my cabinet.
And that is why my roommate knows when to be awesome. Even if she isn’t sure what it means to me that popcorn made for a good evening watching some TV after a long day.


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