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Summer Weather

For most of my life the fact that summer meant 90 degree weather hardly factored into my life.
Sure in ’99 I recall the first time I wander around Las Cruces only to arrive back at 310 Regents where I collapsed a sweaty mass on my dorm bed under refrigerated air.
There was a moment of pure bliss.
As I pulled a grey jersey sheet over my because it was a bit too cold.

Until I jet off for Dallas Texas finds Seattle in the grip of a heat wave. 90 degree days and people unaccustomed to that feeling.


And this time I can’t sit by the side lines and give odd glances at the complaints and whining over heat because I feel it too. Not enough to really vary the way I live but enough to recognize I’m not used to this weather. Sure I’m not wearing any outer layer, no cotton blazer, or light jacket, or anything. Bare arms to the world for the first time in quite a while. Still not hot enough for me to buy shorts like I did in ’09 during the last bit of weather like this. Hell I hardly wore them but I had them… and I may have lost a pair at the streamline, not in a manner worthy of story but they were in my bag, I was drunk, and spilled my bag thereby losing my shorts.
Great story, huh?

Thing is I don’t mind being warm.
Sure living in Phoenix is not on the top of my list but these increased temperatures aren’t the end of the world for me. I don’t enjoy them far preferring to be cold and wearing wool then sweating in the few layers I still feel comfortable wearing but I can handle it. Some how I can find the resolve to endure the feeling, find the shade, and make do.
In fact today I set off wearing some black heavy cotton pants, a t shirt, and lighter pair of boots.
I had thought about my heavy boots but opted for my lighter pair. Sure each is leather but the different between mid calf and ankle is a lot.
yes I arrived warm, sweaty, but not feeling like death.
Had some water, bit of food, and some shade.
That was it.
In fact as I parked I put on my work shirt because I didn’t want to wander town in my Rhianna local crew shirt.
Also wearing just a t-shirt has become increasingly odd.

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