Weird Trek

Last weekend I had time and weather on my side.
Well weather was a bit deceiving being slightly hotter than I would have liked but still it was bright, warm, little wind, and I had few reasons to head home after going Downtown for a meeting.
An odd idea struck my mind while I began my eventual ride home and it was to see if I could make it Magnuson Park. Now that had often been a wondering of mine. Could I make it the nearly 10 miles from my house to Magnuson. I knew the Burke was mostly flat getting there and back but that sort of distance wasn’t something I am used to going.
So I tried.


In the shade staring at Lake Washington.

It wasn’t nearly the trek I thought it would.
Sure it was tough but as I rode so did many other. Some in spandex and racing bikes, others dressed for a sumer out, many with a kid on the back. Calm ride most of the way as I followed a group on a ride, probably to Kenmore, and while I could have overtaken them I didn’t see the need. Their pace allowed me to enjoy the tree lines shade of that park of the Burke Gilman trail.
Then I got to Magnuson Park where I drank water, looked at dogs, wandered around, and tried to find ripe black berries to eat.
Having not ridden my bike for almost two weeks I thought I’d be a lot more exhausted by this trip but as I sat in the shadow of that sub fin I decided I’d really like to go to chucks.
After all that was my first achievement so why not head there it?


As I rode toward Green Lake I became aware that I was hungry.
And a bit hot.
Hungry Hot
As I tried to find the right trail to cross through Ravenna into Green Lake, which I ended up going the wrong way and ended up on a hill and I was a bit tired so I had to break for a bit but then I found another nice tree lined trail and my way toward Green Lake. A bit to eat seemed perfect as I planned at least one beer and with the sweating and exertion it seemed the best idea to have a break, eat some fish and chips, and drink powerade.
Which I did.
Also forgot that going to the Spud on a Sunday when it’s warm is a terrible idea as they were quite packed. Still those guys kept on top of the orders and the fish was excellent and then I continued on to chucks.


No pictures of chucks this time.
I’ve done that but I passed this temple and have been meaning to take a picture of the prayer wheels.
I like it and am glad 83rd goes by it.
Except the hill up from Green Lake that route wasn’t too bad and I made it.
So I can make it again.
Another success and I am ready to do it again.

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