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For sometime I have been trying to find a casual blazer.
Not a structure wool or cotton thing but something softer and more suited to my day to day life without coming across as “over dressed”. Something that has a slightly worn in look that goes quite well with the rest of my wardrobe. Quasi distressed but attempting for some formality.
You know like me.
While I have seen a few things that would work most are either too small or in that formal range which I’d rather do without.
Today I tried something new.
I went to a mall and its outlaying shops.
Given my size and retailers choosing to barely stock items in that size I figured heading to a big and tall shop might be the way to go. Also helps that I am currently working scenic Kent, Washington and the Southcenter  Mall is on my way home which happens to have a big and tall shop.
That shop is interesting.
I have often heard from women how difficult it is to find something stylish in a larger size.  I won’t claim the big and tall solved that but they did have a variety of fairly nice blazers and suits in large sizes. Not simply a blue, charcoal, and black one but quite a few choices. Sure some of it lacked style but a casual section was there too. 
Unfortunately it appears I am not quite big nor tall enough for this shop.
While there is something of a confidence booster it hardly helped the situation.
To the mall proper.

Ever since going to the Lakewood Mall to back to clothes shop I have found the mall a bit intimidating.
I have a set idea of what I wish to wear and to find that in a mall is often quite difficult.
Hell to find it anywhere causes some problems but in a mall I have little chance.
But I was there and I figured why not?

Unfortunately men’s wear has moved to a slim fit.
While this provides a nice silhouette and fits many men quite well I am not in that group.
Besides obvious problems in the mid section I also have problems finding clothing that will fit my shoulders.
Downside of my peasant build but it does flatter quite a few men.  So I need to be careful when I shop for shirts and jackets. If they are slim fit I need to go a size up and even then it may not work. In pants I often fit in the waist but am constrained in the thigh. Also I have a belief that a heavy guy in skinny jeans looks like his mom doesn’t know his size.
It’s a little wrong because I have two pairs of slim cut pants that I rather like, fit well, and I receive compliments when I wear but I won’t move to that look all the time. Especially when I have to climb because my thighs cause problems.

Let it be said the mall proved less than
So I will continue looking.
At some point something will fit and work but for the moment I am without this article of clothing I hope to find.
Shame, really, but these things happen.

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