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I have a vintage paisley shirt.
Not incredible vintage maybe 20 years top but it’s still an excellent shirt.
I wear to slightly dressed down but formal events because it is a great shirt but not something for the big time formal situations I occasionally find myself in.
I usually pair it with a solid black tie because as much as I love pattern on pattern very little goes with paisley and it already has some much character.
Last night was the first time someone bothered pointing out that this is reverse of what should be done and I know this and couldn’t care less.
Like being right handed and wearing my watch on my right wrist, or matching pattern of my socks but not color(or color but not pattern), or many of the other small indicators that I accept the rules but often ignore a part. It’s deliberate, intentional, and something worth doing. It styles part of my look and while it means I stand out it also means that I distinct which can be good or bad.

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