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Got my bike maintenanced.
Now the odd part is my standard thought regarding my bike which is: When things are bad I keep thinking of getting a new bike but when it works there is nothing better than riding.
Mind some of that as changed lately as I really begin to consider a new bike.
Not just because of I met the goal I set but also because the style of my riding might be helped with a different sort of bike.
Still I am happy to ride and will keep my bike even if the Barrow is coming up on sale, and Public keeps tempting me and I hear more and more about the solid nature of a work cycle. Yet I maintain my Raleigh and I keep riding it.
I might be tempted by another bike but so far I have no great desire to change my ride.
Especially when I run into things like this.


This odd creature has been a long the Burke Gilman for well over a week now.
Not certain who made it but I thought it may have been a lean to home for someone for a while.
Then it was gone.
Disappeared even though I expected to see it slowly deteriorate by the coming Autumn weather and then eventual return to land with the winter. But, alas, no luck and instead it disappeared.
More than likely a crew was cleaning up the park and removed it.
You will be missed Burke Creature.
You were no dinosaur but you were an odd attraction.

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