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Are you kidding me?

On Wednesday I had my bike maintained and while riding home last night a spoke broke.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Really it shouldn’t have happened and yet it did.
Quite annoying especially with the Department of Transportation deciding that a major road should be closed for a few days so my option of driving becomes a bigger pain.
And then I go into really long days so if the company who performed the repair refuses to redo their work I have to locate someone else to do the same work and am then out 30 bucks.
Which then places me in the situation of what to do if they refuse.
Well bad review and suggest people go elsewhere.
Really not too many other options besides that.
And yet if they fix it I’ll talk them up.


Like being behind this garbage truck I have the choice of deep breathe and speed by or just accept it and let this moment pass.

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