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Persistent Failure

September 7, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

My Raleigh has had some problems since I got it.
Seemed like each maintenance revealed bigger and bigger problems.
Started small but then six or so months ago I had a broken axle.
From there I had thought about getting a new bike and it felt like each time my bike had a problem I’d consider it. Now with a constant stream of broke spokes revealing the need to replace my rear wheel but the thing I feel done with this bike. Sure it’s been a fun ride and it got me into the spirit of riding but I am tired of all the repair work I’ve had to do on it.
So while I’ve been looking at bikes for a bit I actually went to Dutch Bike to buy one that has caught my eye for some time.
And yet I was ignored.
It’s ok one guy who was probably the mechanic and I might as well have gone home for a bit. So I went back an hour or so later and still not much for service. Brief chat which was interrupted by someone he knew. A brief ride on a Linus which seemed good but after feeling ignored I just didn’t want to buy.
When I bought my Raleigh I had to go back to Recycled Cycles and had a similar treatment. The feeling I wasn’t cool enough which I can accept I’m not. Thing is I was willing to spend some cash today and then with that treatment I saw no reason.
So I’ll try another shop.
One where I was treated better and maybe give them my money because frankly I see no reason to fork it over to these other ones.
And for the moment I’ll ride on my broke spoke.
Should be ok for a bit.
Not great but ok.
That is until it fails big time.
Again that’s ok for the moment.

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