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New Bike

September 14, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

When the fourth spoke broke after a single ride I gave up on my Raleigh.
Perhaps more a throwing in the towel with difficulty but it was a defiant realization that I got as much from that bike as I could.
The Detour got me into commuting, helped me find that enjoyment me in the struggle of making it up hills, and then came the knowledge that 6 miles really isn’t that far.
Still things kept breaking.
Each maintenance problems arose and the cost just to keep going a bit longer added up.
As much as I enjoyed riding it when a new tire seemed to be my answer I decided that a new bike might be my answer.
First off it is not a large Dutch bike.
I had the desire and even tried speaking with a shop about that. The service I received turned me off from giving them money. Not the least when I mentioned it the response felt more of a demeaning “Why would anyone want that bike” than an explanation of the problems associated with that bike and Seattle.
Shame really.
Then there was the trek to another neighborhood to look at another one I was looking at. The one I had been drooling over they didn’t have and again the service just felt a bit off. As if I were intruding. To be honest I don’t expect people to bend over backwards nor do a hard sale but when I’m eyeing bikes at least ask if I’m considering buying one.
So I ended up at the shop I often go to. Why I didn’t start there I’m not sure but I’m glad I did.
What I bought is a zippy steel bike. A commuter but with more aggressive geometry than my detour. What’s odd is the weight. My new bike, despite being steel, is lighter than my old bike which was aluminum.
Really this became most shocking as I took it for a test ride and easily made it up the hill to my apartment. Sure it took a bit of effort but I made it up there with an ease that I barely had in the past.
It’s going to take me a bit to get used to this bike but right now as I dash up hills that had been a huge problem I rather like it.

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