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When I moved to Seattle it was under the guise of creating a theatre.
Like many fringe and near fringe companies we had passion, drive, and were going to change the way people looked at theatre. And ultimately we didn’t.
We found something of an audience and produced a few plays but never really got it together.
Often it was just the time we could devote to making the company work.
Also despite our degrees we were woefully unprepared to do the work of running a theatre.
Honestly who knew that advertising was so tough?

Still we were one of the first companies to produce trailers for our shows. In fact some of those trailers were more fun and imaginative than the shows ended up being. One which no longer exists which was a shame.
During that time of trying to make theatre the idea was hatched to perform a show called ““Matt and Ben” which is actually a very fun show and was a good choice for us.
Now we were theatre nomads not having our own space we had to rent, borrow, share, you know what have you.
But we had learned about a company called, “Balagan” which was getting big and was opening a new space. We had talks with them and we were going to use that venue.
Thing is while they swore on a stack of bibles that the space would be ready for us there were doubts.
Doubts about the floor being done, that the electrical would be in place, doubts that it would actually be finished. Even with constant reassurances it still felt doubtful. And when we had posters with locations made we felt ready until an email was sent saying that the space wasn’t ready.

Talk about screeching halt to our plans.
We got mocked in a weekly paper, while on their blog we were called “scrappy”, when we moved production to a new space. But the show happened. It was fun, a bit of a success and we did it.

And I mostly forgot about them.
Mostly except when I’d hear their name and I would mention this story.
When they took over another theatre to the chagrin of other theatres.
And I told my story.
Then they lost that space and I told my story.
They started doing big musicals and becoming a company that did risky, risqué musicals.
And I’d tell my story.

Last night Balagan officially dissolved
They did some good shows.
They had some success but they overstretched.
I don’t hate them but I do take some pleasure in this failure.
Sure Seattle has lost an interesting company that made some good theatre.
Just because I didn’t always agree with them doesn’t mean they were bad.
But I now won’t be able to tell my story of losing a space because of their poor planning.

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