The real downside of living in Seattle comes in the Autumn when it starts getting darker.
Since “A Chorus Line” is going away and “Kinky Boots” is coming in it meant that I have a return to normal hours.
Which means a morning bike ride.

Just a few months ago this meant a nice ride as the sun is up, the air is still cool, and the day is full of possibilities. Unfortunately it means a little less of that now that Autumn has begun. I start my ride with the predawn glow of the rising sun, my way lit by my bike lights. Just cold enough to feel the need for a jacket at the start but not so much to require it.

Then comes the knowledge these trips will not be a rare thing but become more and more common as winter approaches. Soon there will be a day when I leave and it’s dark adn return home and it’s dark. Not the grand adventure that summer seemed to bring but also not the worst thing ever.

As an aside I ran into a bike twin while at Fred Meyers.
Since I was close to where I bought it this shouldn’t shock me but it was unexpected.

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