A Phishie Day

October 19, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today was a blur.
First off being out of department has been a nice change.
While I normally run a spot I will say it have been fun to be on the rail for this show.
A Bus man’s Holiday as one of our sound crew described it and I have to agree.
Change of scenery, good company, and not too difficult.
Sure I have 8 cues and worry about falling asleep but frankly it’s a good time even if I have no idea what is happening in this show besides something about saving business by attracting niche markets.
You know the usual about surviving in the global economy.

Still it’s been real fun and while we have a week left I’ll be happy to return to my light and my usual job but it is good to take time and play in other departments… even if I don’t get to have my name spelled wrong on the spot tag.


I don't know who Sal Ponze is but I think he owes me money

So two shows and a concert load out.
Good times, fun times, the best of times.
Made better by the fact that it was easy.
At one point I am breaking down some platforms and a road guy asks me about my double dipping and I explain I have a gig elsewhere but like my benefits with the city so I take the outs when I can. The part I don’t explain is how good it is to not be charge.
Not only not in charge but so far removed I can turn my brain off and just do the work as told.
As I told a fellow hand once when there were six of us walking to a road guy that asked for four just before I stopped, “Let’s hold back because he wanted 4 and I can count.”

It’s a good change even if it hardly keeps my skills sharp but it does let me be stress free because it’s not my gig. Do what you’re told, how you’re told, and don’t argue. Unless it’s dangerous then you fucking argue all day long.
But hey that’s me and that makes it interesting.

Also interesting is bike in work boots.
Man alive steel toes with some wind and going up the few hills into work.
I thought my legs were lead and the weight of the whole procedure impossible.
Biking in nearly every day and going for longer rides has given me extra strength but there are times that it all feels for naught as I wake up some mornings and it’s just as hard as the first day I rode to Gasworks Park.


Yes I popped my hip. Yes it's past 3 am. Yes I am sweaty. What of it?

No matter what can be said about the load out it was a quick one.
2 and a half hours and we were out and my crew got great swag.
Seems they ran out of video local crew shirts and we got Eugene specific soft as a cloud merch t shirts.
In addition the road guys were quite nice and this was a bonus.

I’m glad I went into work last night.

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