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My bike share for arrived a couple of days ago.
I had been wanting to try it out but didn’t quite feel it until yesterday.
Hell having 2 and a half hours off didn’t hurt and not really knowing what do with myself was the ultimate incentive to borrow a bike and see how it goes.


Little small but usable

I forgot my helmet but was in luck that right now they have some helmet for use,
Downside is they are a bit small for my giant head.
I felt for a moment that I might have to cry myself to sleep on my giant pillow.
I mean I’m not going to pretend I didn’t ride for a bit only wearing my flat cap but I did ride for a bit with my flat cap as the only means of head protection.
Yet I did have a nice trip down the new Second Avenue bike lane, into Pioneer Square,  just cut the edge of the International District, then down along the waterfront.
It was a good ride except I had some bike problems.


Killing 3 minutes

I kept having an odd slipping in the gears which made the ride less than ideal but still it was good.
Hit the repair wrench on this station and killed some time looking at scenery then I grabbed another bike and continued.
Now this second bike was good but the front tire was a little flat.
Not terrible but noticeable.
Shame really.
Yet as I was going through Myrtle Edwards Park I had a cyclist ride along side me for a bit.
He asked what I thought about the bikes and to be honest besides the weight, a few problems, they are nice.
Quick trips through downtown were made faster by the bike and if there was a pump at the stations it’d be really useful for flat tires.
Doesn’t hurt I got a discounted membership because of my job with the City of Seattle but that was pure luck as I had been considering joining even before that.
Yet as I took a moment to regard West Seattle I realized this was a good idea.


Different Season and not as pretty

One thing I really like is the lights on the bike.
Having the generator is making me wonder what it would take to have that on my bike.
Might be a handy thing and it may not.
But it doesn’t matter that this was a good ride and a good use of my break.

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