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Coffeeneur IV:

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The Load out of Kinky Boots

One good thing about Seattle is that street parking is free on Sunday.
Down side is working downtown that means I have to get there pretty early to snag parking close to the theatre.
Which made me remember Pronto.


Then I get in and we dump some boxes.
Just a few not too many but enough to do about an hour and a half and get us ready to get the show out.
Box call, as we call it, are pretty easy things and give us enough info and idea of how the road crew wants to take a show out.
In this instance it was interesting that we had very few electrics boxes coming off the trunk.
Interesting thing to note but maybe it’s part of the plan.

Now after a box call I’ve been going to Lou Lay because it is delicious and nearby. Not the cheapest around but giving the long hours I’ll have it’s not a big deal and having some wonderful eggs benedict will make the day easier to get through.
Now the weather turned.


Road cases wrapped liked presents

Yep rain.
Nothing like the impending doom of rainy weather to make a load out seem so much better.
Yet we did a show and by the time the load out started the rain would be a distant memory and we would have clear chilly weather.
Which is a good thing because pushes boxes in the rain sucks.
Doing the work of a load out sucks.
And slipping while pushing a heavy box becomes all the easier when the road is slick.
Also remember when I mentioned that there were no electrics boxes? Well we needed those. some things got loaded in different boxes and in Denver things will be a touch interesting as they unload them and find things in the wrong boxes.
Now had things been in the alley during the box call some of that confusion could of been avoided Some of the waiting could have been avoided and some of the pacing up and down alley wondering where boxes were could have been avoided.
Still we got them out of the theatre just after last call.


Riding that night was a bit tougher with my tired legs and the weight of the Pronto bikes but it beat walking and it really beat paying for parking.
But I got home too a shower and went to bed.

When I woke up I knew it was time for a bit of a joy ride.
I hadn’t been to Voula’s in a while and the other day I read about their delicious breakfasts and figured I might as well.
A bit farther than Morsel but not so close that it isn’t much of a trip.

I started my trip and it was a bit chilly with a shining sun and some looming clouds but nothing ominous. Not high winds that cause me to pedal down a hill or dark clouds where I wish I wore a rain coat.
Just a slightly cold morning heading down the Burke Gilman for some breakfast.


Everything about Voula’s reeks of a Seattle I never knew but wish I had. Wonderful greasy spoon atmosphere, good prices, tasty feeling food, and a sign starting that they start serving at one time but you can have coffee until the grill is hot.
Also their Greek hobo is a thing of beauty. True it was on Diners, drive thru, and Dives but that’s not too bad. Once upon a time getting a visit from that Guy was a good thing…. or felt that way. After all Bizarros got one and they are great too.

There is one bike rack in front, and it’s a little off the Burke so either taking a hill down or going along Northlake which could go either way depending on the industrial traffic.
Nearly 8 and a half miles round trip and j got to peek in at Fremont brewing and their new expanded space.

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