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Once upon an Ice Show

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I had difficulties sleeping this morning.
Around 4 am something woke me up and there I lay for a few hours until the desire for breakfast roused me out of my warm cocoon and into a cold kitchen for some eggs and bacon. Not my normal breakfast, mind you, but given I had a lot of time why not have something more difficult than yogurt.

As I sat down to eat NPR informed me tonight would be the 50th year A Charlie Brown Christmas has aired on network tv.
I stopped eating and began to remember my time with an ice show based on that cartoon.
And also my time at Knotts.


My Last Ice Show

For three Decembers I ran an ice show that had deep inspiration from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.
In fact near the end there was a moment where everything stopped, Linus did his speech, low fog filled the stage, and a slow version of Silent Night played as skaters began a slow flowing routine.
Despite not being Christian this hit me right in the meaning of the season. And while I did find it overly religious I enjoyed this moment and felt it was staged well without being too beat you over the head religious .

My last Ice Show was my favorite. Not the show itself and probably saying that is wrong.
From October into February when I turn in my uniform and said adieu was my favorite time there.
That show wasn’t great and ended up being scrapped and the previous Ice Show brought back a year or two later but it was fun… or rather I had fun. Adding quotes to the back of flats, playing Guitar Hero off stage, pictures, slight pranks, and all around good times.

See I knew I was leaving.
I began looking for my way out after seeing my fourth friend get a 5 year certificate and with disbelief at the time spent there and where the years had passed they accepted it. Then with almost regret they would wear their 5 year name tag  while looking for a way out. I didn’t want to be there. The job had been fun, the people some of the best I had met, but when I thought about my future I couldn’t imagine being one of the long time techs. Nor could I imagine moving over to production and being of the guys. My way out was to move to Seattle and either succeed or fail there.

Yet I remember that last winter as the most fun I had at work.
That load in was a pain in my ass and the supervisor I had didn’t make it any easier.
Also I’m sure he felt I was a pain in his ass. In fact I can be sure of that as we had a yelling match one day while I was at height in a lift working on a run light. He came in demanding I finish something that was done.
We yelled back and forth then he went to my manager to complain.
Which lead to a meeting where I explained what happened and ended it by asking if I was being disciplined. When my manager couldn’t confirm that decision I said I needed to get back to work and left.
Good times.

Knotts was a fun place.
And that point in time was a fun time to work there.
I have some regrets but none I would go back and try to resolve.
Still when I hear Linus and Lucy I think back to those days and what fun I had driving a cart backwards through the park as everything was shutting down.

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