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Portland Bound

December 14, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Earlier this week I had two days off.
A rare feat indeed at the Fabulous Fifth Ave but still they want me gone for two days I shall go for two days. This time no random puddle pump to Walla Squared to watch a set being taken down and stroll the closed up town on Easter day instead I head down to the place made famous as where young people go to retire.
And how to go but by train, of course.


Helps that I didn’t really want to drive and getting to King Street Station by bike is fairly easy and Portland is known as Bike Friendly and the weather wasn’t going to be too bad.
So I paid an extra 5 dollars each way and me and my bike took a vacation.

At some point I need to go back during summer and see what it is like there when there are loads more bikes around. Not just me and few people who decided biking during the Pacific Northwest Winter was a good idea. But it really wasn’t that bad.
Sure I got rained on.
Sure I got lost.
Sure I got a little drunk.
Sure I may have spent more than I expected.
But I had fun.

Also during the course of the trip I visited a friend’s grave and that gave some closure I might not have had otherwise. Now that was an experience as I took a long cab ride up a large hill and through some windy roads. Spending time in a graveyard as it poured rain and the wind buffeted me. Regretted not bringing a hat I will have you know. And then to Powell’s, some lunch, a bit more biking around, and then a quick drink, and a train home.

Back in Seattle there was a light rain coming down as I biked home from the station and as I approached my house I noticed the sound a metal clicking on something. Since my dirty close where in a side cage I put it a little out of my mind. But when I checked my rear wheel at home it seems I broke another spoke.
Which meant another trip to get it repaired.
And now I have that looming again. But if this wheel goes bad I hear recycled cycles does some guarantee on wheel builds so I’ll check it out.

It was cold, wet, and windy but I made sure to visit.

It was cold, wet, and windy but I made sure to visit.

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