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Solstice Ride

December 21, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

When I left this morning drizzle and minor winds were the expectation.
Now if reality follows expectation that’d be a grand thing in deed.
Still I am fairly certain I rode during the summer solstice and now doing the winter had me reflecting on the differences in the year.
Over the summer I road in pants and a t shirt only to arrive a bit sweaty but not overly disheartened by the whole journey as I gained an increased farmer’s tan from the long hours of sunlight we experience in Seattle. Often going the opposite direction of traffic as I went to work as others headed home or riding in the 5 am twilight to a very early call with only a light cotton jacket against the predawn chill.
Glorious times to ride and the weather felt on my side.
While this morning was a bit warmer than expected I still left in gloves, a base layer, work shirt, wool coat, and scarf. Only a couple of bikes out and most on their way to the Fremont Market.
But the sun was out, the winds were blowing me side ways as they had last night and I go into today know that from here on out there will only be more sunlight as the new year begins.

As I waited for my call to begin I noticed a coworker had a helmet on his bag.
Previously he had asked me a few questions about biking in and also noted with our daily parking going up $5 a day looking for a way to save a bit of cash would be helpful. And to be honest not paying for parking is something I enjoy. Also the cost savings in gas and weight losing has been very nice.
Yeah I didn’t expect to enjoy biking as much as I do.  Especially the last night rides through darkened quiet streets. Just me going along my way in a silent town. Quite the feeling especially on those long summer nights but right now in winter those moments do come much earlier and last longer but it will be nice to get a bit more light on the morning commute.

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