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A Week in a Suit

February 4, 2015 Leave a comment

On January 6th I was trusted by the members of my Local to be their leader.
Which means the focus of work on this blog will change from some of my stagehand work to one of leadership. It also means I will be scaring myself with beginning to dress in a way that I feel represents both me and my Local. This is really a big change and one I’m nervous about but feel like I’m prepared to do.


So that’s my first suit.
Odd to write those words. In some ways I feel as if I have betrayed my family because they aren’t exactly the suit wearing type. Hell I recall my Dad dressing for a wedding in a pale blue shirt and some khakis. I didn’t learn to tie a tie until last year. It was not something that really mattered until recently.

Frankly I was tired of being just another shabby stagehand.
That was part of the scare myself that got me dressing better but I have never spent that amount of time in a suit. And I will say it was both nice and quite interesting because this is something I have never done.
First off the amount of pockets in a suit are great.
I am a huge fan of pockets and tend to use all the ones I have. The number of internal and external pockets in a suit are great. I had no problem carrying all the things I tend to carry. Also despite the suit being wool it seemed very light and required me to wear my overcoat when I was outside of the time I was outside in North Carolina.
Second changing only minor elements did cause a different look.
Different tie or shirt or even doing without either caused a different look. Hell the day I had to speak before the International Leadership I made sure to have the one that was most formal looking. That is not something I am used to with my other clothing where I need to have a whole variety of elements to change the basic look. Kind of refreshing and interesting. I recall reading about this on a site but didn’t fully take it in until in that situation.
Good times.

Lastly the fact I felt more professional.
I mentioned to a friend that when I flew in wearing a blazer and slacks I was called Mr. Ponce at the airport while I hadn’t heard anyone else greeted in such a manner. Most were merely told to have a nice flight. Similar treatment on the way back.
Then there was better treatment at a few places I went. I tended to have breakfast or lunch at a little coffee shop near the hotel. After the first time they learned my name and asked me how my trip was going and what was going one. I realized later in the trip that they may have thought I was lawyer because the court house was near that place but that treatment as a professional was different from people nearly thinking I was homeless as I had in the past.
Yes I will continue going with this route.