PI Day


The most delicious day of the year.
Or one of the most delicious if you celebrate some of the other PI days.

Also having recently replaced the pedals on my bike and feeling confident of the time I rode into work.
Stopping for pie.
Luckily the Dhalia Bakery is on my way to work and they had some 6″ pies I could bring in.

But before I made it there I happened by Mercer.
I had a stop in Belltown and cutting across Seattle Center was easier than any alternative.


While the Mercer Mess is still a shit show the underpass is coming along.
I hadn’t known about that bike lane and I’m excited for it go in.
There are additional lanes along 5th which will be great once they open.
Not exactly separate from the sidewalk but that yellow line had some texture so there is some feeling change to separate the two.
Can’t wait for those pylons to come down and this to be opened.
It’ll be a nice change from how that section used to be,
Now if only the Ballard Bridge would get some improvement so I could go back to going along Myrtle Edwards to get to the Labor Temple.


PI Day in the Allen saw each of the stagehands bringing in pie to share.
Good to know who takes this day seriously.

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