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Multiple Ride Day

April 29, 2015 Leave a comment

Today I had a few different places to go and while driving was an option I don’t know if it was a good one.
First stop was at the UW where I attended a Workers Memorial Day. I had been at a similar event in Tacoma yesterday but unfortunately I couldn’t bike to that and had to drive. Perhaps some other time I will find a way but regardless this one was quite good. Started with a solo pipe “Amazing Grace” which no matter how well I feel still hits me. This set a good tone and I liked that this one didn’t focus exclusively on workers that had passed but the health and medical issues that workers are effected by. There was hope but a lot more about the difficulties and a point that was hit home is workers are less safe now then they were were 20 years ago.
Which is a hell of a thing.
Afterwards I spoke briefly with the president of the Washington State Labor Council and asked if he would take a picture with supporting workers trying to unionize in Oregon.

Selfies with Stagehands

Selfies with Stagehands

Which he did.

Then I hoped on my bike and back to the other job.
It was a nice trip around the east side of Lake Union and through the Seattle Center. I don’t get through Lake Union too much and honestly I am not as sure about the east side bike routes as I am about the west. Sure the west side route is just going through a parking lot and hoping for the best but it is still a route I know and can deal with.
And one I almost feel safe in.
Sure I could feel a lot safer but the fear factor has definitely diminished as I ride through there.

I stopped for a bike at Seattle Center. Do some work at the office and then to run “Jacques Brel is Alive and Well” at ACT.
That one mile between the Labor Temple is becoming very familiar to me.
I know how to get up and down 2nd and 4th quite well. Won’t say I completely like going those routes but they are efficient even if I had no idea that hill up 2nd so steep until I went up it on a Pronto Bike. That is the best way to find the steep hills in Seattle. Sure they are doable but they are all steep.

Then a calm quiet ride home.

This odd meander was about 16 or 17 miles.
I’ve done that amount on other bikes, and even this bike. I’ve done it before but the one thing that I really marveled at when I got home was how my ass was not sore.
Sure my knees a little stiff but my butt did not hurt from my seat as my old one did.
Even at the end when I would get this odd pain in one of my thighs from that seat was really the sign I needed to replace it. I’m glad I did and I like the one I got. It’s a good seat even if it squeaks a little but some oil on the springs should solve that.

And last thing the best picture from my trip. While waiting for the University Bridge to close I snapped this picture.
This is really what makes biking worth it.


30 Days and Nights of Biking

April 26, 2015 Leave a comment

Last year “Room with a View” got in the way of 30 days of Biking.
This year I didn’t have the same problem and have been riding most of this month.
It has been good to have this time riding even if I am a little split between my own bike, prontos, and taking random days off. Now I have not been much for long distance riding but doing my 12 miles a day have been getting easier and easier.
I have started going much of my route on the hardest gear. Sure a lot of it is flat so that isn’t too bad but I have been building up my distance and endurance.
So that got me to thinking about doing group rides.
Now I would thinking of trying a race but frankly competition seems uninteresting to me as does people taking the act of riding way too serious. I’d rather have a mellow ride with some other people just trying to get to some place.
Nothing major or nothing intense and nothing too rough.
Cascade offers a couple rides like that and I need to give it some real thought because that would be a good thing.

So past all I did a few things to my bike recently and am considering a couple others. The biggest change is I got a new seat. I payed a load of cash and bought a sprung leather saddle which I am still breaking in. The stiffness of leather made me think it was going to be like riding something really uncomfortable and while I won’t claim my first couple rides were really comfortable they were much more comfortable than I thought. In fact they were much more comfortable than my stock seat which actually really began to hurt my ass.
Live and learn I suppose.
Didn’t think that a hard piece of leather would actually be more comfortable than a foam covered plastic but it is. So strange to learn these things but I am.


I got those tassels for Christmas but didn’t add them because I lost a bar end plug and hadn’t found some. Then one rainy day I stopped at Velo to look for a seat cover and saw bar end plugs for 2 bucks so I got some. Then I drilled a hole, added the tassels, and my bike is styling a bit more.
Dig it and frankly it adds a charm I was lacking. My next want is to change the handlebars. I like the flat bar but I want something with more of a rise. Not huge ape hangers or even cruiser bars but just a bit more. Going to start hunting around and see what I can find. Probably first look at some used parts and then new but I feel swapping that out will make some sort of a difference and at least let me get more comfortable at altering my bike.

Need a Lift?

April 23, 2015 Leave a comment

On occasion a well meaning friend or coworker will ask me this.
Often after a load out or at night or once when it was a bright Autumn day.
I appreciate the concern about my choice to bike but the thing is I have a bus pass and if I felt I couldn’t make it by bike I would bus. And if that failed there is always a taxi.  It is nice and know I would miss it if people stopped but not necessary.

A few months ago I went to visit my parents and during that time I was to meet some people in Buena Park and my family lives in Long Beach. I had checked the route and it was trails or wide streets the whole way. I decided to borrow my brother’s bike and go. I knew that Al, my brother, doesn’t do as much night riding as me so I brought my lights. But it was a nice day and the route mostly flat, even if it was 13 miles each way, but my parents were concerned. They offered both a ride and use of their car. Now this one I almost took because I had concerns about getting home if I had an issue but then again figured I could work out a way home. Still I biked and met some folks for Sushi and at that one even asked if I wanted a lift around the block to the bar.
Now that is extreme. Around a block. Again nice but really unnecessary.

Like I said I appreciate this but it’s a little needless for most of my rides.

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Biking in work boots

April 15, 2015 Leave a comment

The past two nights I have had load outs.
For these jobs it is best to wear some steel toe shoes and me being me I decide that boots are better than shoes and biking to work is a better idea than driving.
Sure the biking part made sense because I would have to go from Downtown to the KeyArena which is a longish walk, a random amount of time monorail trip, or a 15 minute bike ride.

I chose bike.
Also it was a nice day on Tuesday.
That is except this bit in the afternoon when it started raining and I wondered if that was going to be going on later that day. Nothing quite like getting really really soaked because I felt wearing a cotton sweater was a better idea than my normal green wool over coat.
Yeah brilliant.
I have yet to master looking ahead at the weather before setting out in the morning. After all the weather can change. I know madness but this is a real thing it seems.
So Tuesday.
No rain in the later evening and then when I finished the load out it was dry.
Cold but dry.
And that meant a slow ride because I was tired and the chill of night didn’t help.

Then there is today.
Today where I have a meeting Downtown, then one in Belltown, then seeing a show downtown, then a load out at KeyArena.
Pronto helped me out by giving me a bike to use for the back and forth trips and then getting me ready to go load out a show. Also to see a show… and to go to a meeting.

Yeah the bikes are heavy but in some defense of that it makes mine seem so much lighter and easier to ride I rather like it. Also glad to have that bike share around again for the reasons of having bikes available when I don’t bring mine and also to make the trips around the center of Seattle (and to a lesser extent Seattle Center) that much easier.

30 Days of Biking

April 9, 2015 Leave a comment

Or an odd reason to like Pronto

So my bike is being worked on again.
Finally shelling out cash for a new rear wheel something stronger than the old and hopefully stopping my broken spoke issue. Oh well, happens, right?
Or so I tell myself.

Any way I have been using Pronto Bikes Share for most of my rides and there’s an odd reason I am liking the bikes: the weight.
See these heavy internally geared bikes are no where near as quick as my regular bike and require more power to get up in some of the gentle hills of Belltown to Downtown.
Speaking of which who knew there was a hill going from 2nd and Bell to 2nd and Olive (or is it Virginia there?) but I found out the first time I took a Pronto. Did that bit for a while on my bike and didn’t notice but on a Pronto it suddenly felt in surmountable.

So taking these bikes can be a pain because the added weight makes hills that much harder but frankly on these short trips that are mostly flat taking one of these bikes is really nice. Yes I want my bike back but these bikes aren’t a bad substitute.

Still I miss my bike but I do enjoy being able to ride even if it is on a bike share bike.