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30 Days of Biking

Or an odd reason to like Pronto

So my bike is being worked on again.
Finally shelling out cash for a new rear wheel something stronger than the old and hopefully stopping my broken spoke issue. Oh well, happens, right?
Or so I tell myself.

Any way I have been using Pronto Bikes Share for most of my rides and there’s an odd reason I am liking the bikes: the weight.
See these heavy internally geared bikes are no where near as quick as my regular bike and require more power to get up in some of the gentle hills of Belltown to Downtown.
Speaking of which who knew there was a hill going from 2nd and Bell to 2nd and Olive (or is it Virginia there?) but I found out the first time I took a Pronto. Did that bit for a while on my bike and didn’t notice but on a Pronto it suddenly felt in surmountable.

So taking these bikes can be a pain because the added weight makes hills that much harder but frankly on these short trips that are mostly flat taking one of these bikes is really nice. Yes I want my bike back but these bikes aren’t a bad substitute.

Still I miss my bike but I do enjoy being able to ride even if it is on a bike share bike.

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