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Biking in work boots

The past two nights I have had load outs.
For these jobs it is best to wear some steel toe shoes and me being me I decide that boots are better than shoes and biking to work is a better idea than driving.
Sure the biking part made sense because I would have to go from Downtown to the KeyArena which is a longish walk, a random amount of time monorail trip, or a 15 minute bike ride.

I chose bike.
Also it was a nice day on Tuesday.
That is except this bit in the afternoon when it started raining and I wondered if that was going to be going on later that day. Nothing quite like getting really really soaked because I felt wearing a cotton sweater was a better idea than my normal green wool over coat.
Yeah brilliant.
I have yet to master looking ahead at the weather before setting out in the morning. After all the weather can change. I know madness but this is a real thing it seems.
So Tuesday.
No rain in the later evening and then when I finished the load out it was dry.
Cold but dry.
And that meant a slow ride because I was tired and the chill of night didn’t help.

Then there is today.
Today where I have a meeting Downtown, then one in Belltown, then seeing a show downtown, then a load out at KeyArena.
Pronto helped me out by giving me a bike to use for the back and forth trips and then getting me ready to go load out a show. Also to see a show… and to go to a meeting.

Yeah the bikes are heavy but in some defense of that it makes mine seem so much lighter and easier to ride I rather like it. Also glad to have that bike share around again for the reasons of having bikes available when I don’t bring mine and also to make the trips around the center of Seattle (and to a lesser extent Seattle Center) that much easier.

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