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Need a Lift?

On occasion a well meaning friend or coworker will ask me this.
Often after a load out or at night or once when it was a bright Autumn day.
I appreciate the concern about my choice to bike but the thing is I have a bus pass and if I felt I couldn’t make it by bike I would bus. And if that failed there is always a taxi.  It is nice and know I would miss it if people stopped but not necessary.

A few months ago I went to visit my parents and during that time I was to meet some people in Buena Park and my family lives in Long Beach. I had checked the route and it was trails or wide streets the whole way. I decided to borrow my brother’s bike and go. I knew that Al, my brother, doesn’t do as much night riding as me so I brought my lights. But it was a nice day and the route mostly flat, even if it was 13 miles each way, but my parents were concerned. They offered both a ride and use of their car. Now this one I almost took because I had concerns about getting home if I had an issue but then again figured I could work out a way home. Still I biked and met some folks for Sushi and at that one even asked if I wanted a lift around the block to the bar.
Now that is extreme. Around a block. Again nice but really unnecessary.

Like I said I appreciate this but it’s a little needless for most of my rides.

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