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Long Ride

May 18, 2015 Leave a comment

Earlier this week I had wanted to go for a long ride.
Unfortunately life got in the way I couldn’t do it so when I suddenly there was only a matinee and evening free I decided to wave good bye to Seattle and see how far I could go by bike.


Good Bye Seattle. Hello Lake Forest Park

When i moved to Seattle I lived in the Lake City Neighborhood.
This was a mixed blessing in a lot of ways. For the most part I got to live in a part of Seattle I may not want to live in a gain but I also got to understand that while this was a far away neighborhood that didn’t have a lot of problems it was still not a great place to live. But honestly those 6 months I spent in Lake City weren’t terrible.  Yes I was worried about finding work or using all my savings but it had moments of entertainment. I strolled the neighborhood a lot. Read a lot of odd books and learned many places that offered refills of coffee and didn’t mind if you stuck around all day.
One such place was called Third Place Commons in Lake Forest Park. The Honey Bear Bakery had free refills of drip and day old pastries there was an additional plus of a King County Library in the mall area so there were free books or books for buy from the book store. Also nearby was a park.
And the Burke Gilman trail.
At this point I would see bikes go by and wonder who would ride this far.
What manner of person would hop on a bike and go this far?
As I crossed that intersection and looked over I had my answer.
I would.
tt look me almost 8 years but I rode my bike from Capitol Hill, over the University Bridge, through UW, and then North until I got to Lake Forest Park. I had a goal of seeing how far I could go or to 192 Brewing whichever came first but as I passed Third Place Common I knew I could go the rest of the way for a drink and there wouldn’t be a problem.
Sure it I hadn’t gone 17 miles in a go but I beat my previous of 13 miles which I hardly count because it was so flat but so was the Burke Gilman and yet it was so good. Making that distance and not feeling like my body was failing me helped. It was so doable. I had no problems even if I felt out of place when I arrived at 192 and I was the only cyclist in normal clothes. This made me happy.
Sure some may have come way farther than I did or much faster or are training for  a major ride but it was still good to know I don’t require special clothing to bike. And that is the real plus.
Even after 30 miles I contend that my clothing was fine. Sure my legs ache a bit from the strain but it is in a good work out way not in a “I hurt myself through stupidity way” and that is what matters. Good old soreness instead of real pain.

Also my ass does not hurt which means even though I still find a hard leather seat odd I am so happy I’m not butt hurt.


Good Bye Lake Forest Park. Hello Seattle.


Recovery Time

May 10, 2015 Leave a comment

It being Bike Month and the weather cooperating has meant I am riding a lot more.
Also the fact my seat is no longer making me butt hurt has helped too. It is a fine thing in deed to get done with a ride and not have my have a stabbing pain when I sit nor the feeling a nerve being pinch in my thigh. All these things made me get the new saddle and while I was doubtful a hard leather seat would be comfortable I am definitely surprised by the outcome.
It is quite comfortable.
Surprisingly so in fact but that is a different story.

What has most interested me as I am starting to ride up more hills partially because I am dating someone that lives on Capitol Hill and partially because hills are not as daunting as they once were. Sure I still have gotten the nerve to ride up Dexter but I feel I could do it now. Haven’t tried just yet but I feel confident I could do it. Maybe some evening I shall give it a shot because I’d rather do it at night than during the day.
You know in case of failure.
But the big thing is how quickly I recover from these tough rides. I recall 2 years ago biking back from Gas Works Park and having to collapse on a chaise panting. Drinking nearly a quart of water and only then feeling a bit back to normal. Or biking to the Playhouse and having to drink a lot of water and sit in a chair for nearly 30 minutes before feeling ready to do anything else.
These days I still get to a place sweaty, some because of layers, some exertion, and some just because I am sweaty but I sit some water, cool down, and I am good. None of this prolonged recovery.
Sure none of my rides really top out at much more than 8 miles at a time but it is mixed terrain and takes some doing.
Didn’t think I would get to a point where all this biking seemed really possible but now I feel otherwise and tomorrow, even if the weather is against me, I plan to go for a longer ride.