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September and Coffeeneuring

September ended in my wife and daughter spending part of the week away.  This has been the first time we spent longer than a night away from each other and each had our issues. For me, it was strange to come home to an empty, quiet house. For her, it was dealing with a four-month-old on her own.  We each did our best.


Love this underpass before the Burke Gilman crosses the Sammamish River Trail

During this time I took one of my longer rides to date. A nearly 50-mile ride from Belltown to Kenmore and then home. Being in no rush I stopped a few places along the way and tried to keep my average speed of around 12 mph.

Now there is something new. I recall very early not really wanting to care about speed at all. Just being willing to go the distances. I still am not too interested in my speed after all the easiest way to increase speed is to decrease weight and the best place to decrease weight is on the rider. So, as one thing I read once said, “To get faster, don’t buy a lightweight bike; first try putting down the cheeseburger.” Thing is it’s not about speed. Not about going fast but about maintaining a speed.

For much of my riding, I just go. Which is neither good or bad but I have no consistency and that is what I want to know. How long can I maintain a speed, how long until I need to go slower, and what is my speed? Sure, I might try to raise it at some point but for now, it is just about knowing this information.

That was a Friday and on Saturday before they got home I went for a 20-mile ride into Tukwila. Not recovery or anything like that… well ok it was. More than anything the point was to go out. My legs were heavy on that second ride. I could do it, it was fine, but my muscles were tired. My back and shoulders were a bit stiff but adjusting my seat seemed to help.


Welcome to South Park

I had considered a longer ride but ultimately that one was enough.

Then all my biking has been on a stationary bike which is not nearly as fun.

Looking ahead to October it is time for Coffeeneuring and this year I will finish… which is something I tell myself every year. Now with a baby, I’m not sure how I will make this come true. The other part is my previous efforts have been marred by injury. Either slicing open my leg or by injury to my knees. Then the year I just couldn’t find the time and stopped. No! This year will be different. Not quite sure how besides I’m designating Friday and Saturday for the days. Figure I can do an afternoon/ evening ride on Friday and then get a morning ride in on Saturday. I’m sure if I brought coffee back my wife would be happier about me going out in the morning.  I have no loft goals but I just want to complete the rides this year. Nothing like pushing the distance or going to only diners or anything similar. I’m just going to go to 7 coffee places. One or two might be only 2 miles because there is coffee close and I may not have the time.

Yep gonna make ti happen this year and earn that finisher patch.


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