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30 Days and Nights of Biking

April 26, 2015 Leave a comment

Last year “Room with a View” got in the way of 30 days of Biking.
This year I didn’t have the same problem and have been riding most of this month.
It has been good to have this time riding even if I am a little split between my own bike, prontos, and taking random days off. Now I have not been much for long distance riding but doing my 12 miles a day have been getting easier and easier.
I have started going much of my route on the hardest gear. Sure a lot of it is flat so that isn’t too bad but I have been building up my distance and endurance.
So that got me to thinking about doing group rides.
Now I would thinking of trying a race but frankly competition seems uninteresting to me as does people taking the act of riding way too serious. I’d rather have a mellow ride with some other people just trying to get to some place.
Nothing major or nothing intense and nothing too rough.
Cascade offers a couple rides like that and I need to give it some real thought because that would be a good thing.

So past all I did a few things to my bike recently and am considering a couple others. The biggest change is I got a new seat. I payed a load of cash and bought a sprung leather saddle which I am still breaking in. The stiffness of leather made me think it was going to be like riding something really uncomfortable and while I won’t claim my first couple rides were really comfortable they were much more comfortable than I thought. In fact they were much more comfortable than my stock seat which actually really began to hurt my ass.
Live and learn I suppose.
Didn’t think that a hard piece of leather would actually be more comfortable than a foam covered plastic but it is. So strange to learn these things but I am.


I got those tassels for Christmas but didn’t add them because I lost a bar end plug and hadn’t found some. Then one rainy day I stopped at Velo to look for a seat cover and saw bar end plugs for 2 bucks so I got some. Then I drilled a hole, added the tassels, and my bike is styling a bit more.
Dig it and frankly it adds a charm I was lacking. My next want is to change the handlebars. I like the flat bar but I want something with more of a rise. Not huge ape hangers or even cruiser bars but just a bit more. Going to start hunting around and see what I can find. Probably first look at some used parts and then new but I feel swapping that out will make some sort of a difference and at least let me get more comfortable at altering my bike.