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Dexter Hill

June 16, 2015 Leave a comment

After 2 years of looking up Dexter Avenue from the Fremont Bridge I decided to try it.

Gritted my teeth,  changed gears,  and climbed up that hill.

Know what?
It wasn’t that bad.  Sure I had to pause at the top to catch my breath but I did it and will do it again.


Chuck’s Again

June 6, 2014 Leave a comment


I don’t have a huge standard for my achievements.
Today I biked to the Labor Temple to pick up some paperwork to keep me occupied this weekend.
While watching the International Fountain I realized it was a nice day.
A really nice day.
So nice it reminded me of a Mitchell and Webb Skit.
Deciding to stop and look in at a friend’s photo display at the SLUkimer it suddenly felt like the time I go past my normal turn home and proceed up to Chucks for a nice refreshing beer.
After all it’s such a nice day I might as well have a refreshing beer.

Since I started riding I’ve been hesitant to pass other cyclists.
I’m not very fast and don’t want that lovely cat and mouse passing each other game that has occupied through much of the Great State of Arizona as I’d return to NMSU. Yet lately I have started passing people. Or if I don’t feel comfortable crossing into traffic to pass them I match their speed with ease.  A week or so I followed without any problems a gent on the way up Dexter to Denny. His pace was comfortable and easy which made since because it was 7 am and I wager each of us were barely awake.

Today on 8th up to Chucks there were a pair of folks with a nice and easy pace. Since I knew 8th will be the death of this ride I didn’t force it. Went with them. Followed behind and it was a do able pace. Around the Greenway they took a break and I kept going.
I paused at 65th to drink half my water and then at 75th took a longer than normal break to catch my breath.

Still what had seemed like a far off hope became quite doable. Sure I took loads of breaks and didn’t blast my way through any of it but I got here. I made it and that’s the only part I care about.