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Recovery Time

May 10, 2015 Leave a comment

It being Bike Month and the weather cooperating has meant I am riding a lot more.
Also the fact my seat is no longer making me butt hurt has helped too. It is a fine thing in deed to get done with a ride and not have my have a stabbing pain when I sit nor the feeling a nerve being pinch in my thigh. All these things made me get the new saddle and while I was doubtful a hard leather seat would be comfortable I am definitely surprised by the outcome.
It is quite comfortable.
Surprisingly so in fact but that is a different story.

What has most interested me as I am starting to ride up more hills partially because I am dating someone that lives on Capitol Hill and partially because hills are not as daunting as they once were. Sure I still have gotten the nerve to ride up Dexter but I feel I could do it now. Haven’t tried just yet but I feel confident I could do it. Maybe some evening I shall give it a shot because I’d rather do it at night than during the day.
You know in case of failure.
But the big thing is how quickly I recover from these tough rides. I recall 2 years ago biking back from Gas Works Park and having to collapse on a chaise panting. Drinking nearly a quart of water and only then feeling a bit back to normal. Or biking to the Playhouse and having to drink a lot of water and sit in a chair for nearly 30 minutes before feeling ready to do anything else.
These days I still get to a place sweaty, some because of layers, some exertion, and some just because I am sweaty but I sit some water, cool down, and I am good. None of this prolonged recovery.
Sure none of my rides really top out at much more than 8 miles at a time but it is mixed terrain and takes some doing.
Didn’t think I would get to a point where all this biking seemed really possible but now I feel otherwise and tomorrow, even if the weather is against me, I plan to go for a longer ride.