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Coffeeneuring 2015 Part 1

October 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Lost Lake

Deciding to take the theme rides I figured going to diners for each ride would be the most interesting.  For my first rise I did an easy ride to Lost Lake in Capitol Hill from another part of Capitol Hill.
2 miles round trip
Sitting at the bar meant I could be served faster but I swear the coffee was better at 5 Point but not sure at least isn’t the 5 Posts by Stumptown?
Really don’t remember.
Any way easy ride,  good breakfast,  and nice coffee.
Also quick service if sitting in the bar on a Sunday.


Coffeeneur 2

October 13, 2014 Leave a comment

Know what seems like a good idea on a day off?
And a great place for biscuits is Morsel.
While there is one which opened up across the street I figured going to the one in the U District was a better challenge and then I can do my Coffeeneur for the day off.
Off I got and down the Burke Gilman Trail to the U District.


On the way I noticed this sign.
Didn’t know such a service was needed but then I remember back to the Fourth of July where the Locks had far too many bikes for the few racks that they have. Usually enough for day to day but when it’s something big like a holiday or a football game.
But none the less good to know.

So there was a small hill as I got to Morsel and it wasn’t too bad.
Sure it ended up in Sharrows and I’m not a huge fan of those but thankfully the drivers seemed a bit used to bikes or weren’t too pissed at me. Down side about the way I ride is I’m not the fastest person around even if I have been getting quicker.


So I made it to Morsel and it was packed in there.
Hell it is usually packed in there. Even when it was Nook and I lived on Magnolia and would try to find the hours and google felt I was looking for the Nook, which was a wine bar in the Village, and I would sit yelling my computer while my cat look on in odd amusement.
But that’s all in the past as I believe both Nooks have closed.
After my order I am informed that it’ll around 25 minutes before my food is ready and am I ok waiting I reply, “No problem at all.” See I can look around and know in 25 minutes someone will leave and I will be able to steal their spot.
Which I do.

Now they gave me a cup of coffee with a saucer.
Cup and saucer is the way to go. I really enjoy that. Once a long time ago I happened to buy a huge cup with saucer at Ikea to the amusement of my friends. None knew that I enjoyed my coffee with a saucer and even my family finds it a touch amusing. But there is something quite nice about a cup and saucer.

Man alive the biscuit was good and unfortunately knowing another location opened near me makes this no better.
Stupid good food.

I finish my biscuit and coffee and head north figuring I’d go around Green Lake.
And then I end up trying to go up Phinney Ridge let me tell you is a pain.
Hills are a pain.
Hills will always be a pain.
Even though they are getting easier and easier they are still a pain.
But I make it to the top and as I’m going up to 65th before descending home I see this.


Way to go Sully’s.
I dig you style and need to visit more.