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Dexter Hill

June 16, 2015 Leave a comment

After 2 years of looking up Dexter Avenue from the Fremont Bridge I decided to try it.

Gritted my teeth,  changed gears,  and climbed up that hill.

Know what?
It wasn’t that bad.  Sure I had to pause at the top to catch my breath but I did it and will do it again.



August 14, 2014 Leave a comment

Say what you will about the Northwest but the amount of summer I spend complaining about the clinging heavy heat is quite low. Sure once in a while we get a burning scorching heat, or an extended period without rain but it is rare that it is hot and the air so heavy moving in it feels like soup.
And yet that is what this week has been like.
Tuesday morning in fact as I rode in during the dawn hours it was already warm with weight in the air and as I left the theatre in the afternoon I was heard to remark, “This is bullshit!” As I walked out the stage door.


So this morning to be greeted by a chill in the air and low hanging overcast felt like a  relief.
Still consulting the future weather it looks like the weekend may warm up. Which I’m sure if grand for people that that expect to spend it outside getting the last few breathes of summer before the Autumn but for me it’s not my favorite. I still long for the days of wearing wool and the comfort of long sleeves and extra layers.
Sure when summer comes again I will feel odd having my arms exposed but I rather like the feeling of those extra layers.
But that’s me.

Classy Ride

June 21, 2014 Leave a comment

A drastic change from yesterday as I set out this morning.
Corduroy instead of jeans.
Dress shirt instead of a work shirt.
Cotton blazer instead of a hoodie.
Different look, different attitude, different job.
While yesterday I was a grip being given some task to easily complete; today had me in my elected role and playing at being an adult and the Vice President of an organization.
Yet I biked in.
Over the last month I have biked while dressed up at least 4 times. In fact twice with a tie but all times with some sort of outer layer.
Benefits of the Pacific Northwest, my friends, you can bike in June, wear a blazer, and arrive only a little sweaty.

Sometime ago I read about Dick van Dyke effect and perhaps it applies.
Can’t say that motorists treat me any differenty but pedestrians take some notice.
I receive more looks, nods, and even the occasional thumbs up.
Could also be I tend to ride through Seattle Center when dressed this way, not 100% sure.
Sure I have some concerns about biking while wearing nicer clothing but to be frank cyclists were once dressed well, which was the dress of the day, and accepted some dirt and sweat would accumulate on their clothing. Just like stagehand once dressed better than today. Sure still a bit rough around the edges but definitely better.

Cheater Commute

September 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Each night starts here

The new job has some strange hours.
Most days the prospect of biking in seems far too difficult for me.
That extra bit of sleep trumping any notion of riding in.
That was until King County Metro and I had a disagreement about busing.
Nothing major just I felt I should be able to bus home without waiting a half hour and Metro felt running nearly empty buses all night is a waste.

So I decided to get parking.
Not the expensive nearby parking that would eat up a chunk of my pay.
God no.
Far more reasonable parking by the Seattle Center.
Thing is this didn’t work out.
It’s off the main routes so I’d still get home about the same time as my bus.
Except days I miss the 1130 bus.
Then this parking situation worked out.

Until I noticed the bike racks.
Hidden enough I don’t overly worry about leaving my bike somewhere overnight.
And it’s barely

10 minutes added for a quick ride.

A ride full of traffic at the top of the day and avoiding taxis at night.

Yet it’s a ride. Bit over a mile each way but it’s something.


Where my ride ends


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