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Multiple Ride Day

April 29, 2015 Leave a comment

Today I had a few different places to go and while driving was an option I don’t know if it was a good one.
First stop was at the UW where I attended a Workers Memorial Day. I had been at a similar event in Tacoma yesterday but unfortunately I couldn’t bike to that and had to drive. Perhaps some other time I will find a way but regardless this one was quite good. Started with a solo pipe “Amazing Grace” which no matter how well I feel still hits me. This set a good tone and I liked that this one didn’t focus exclusively on workers that had passed but the health and medical issues that workers are effected by. There was hope but a lot more about the difficulties and a point that was hit home is workers are less safe now then they were were 20 years ago.
Which is a hell of a thing.
Afterwards I spoke briefly with the president of the Washington State Labor Council and asked if he would take a picture with supporting workers trying to unionize in Oregon.

Selfies with Stagehands

Selfies with Stagehands

Which he did.

Then I hoped on my bike and back to the other job.
It was a nice trip around the east side of Lake Union and through the Seattle Center. I don’t get through Lake Union too much and honestly I am not as sure about the east side bike routes as I am about the west. Sure the west side route is just going through a parking lot and hoping for the best but it is still a route I know and can deal with.
And one I almost feel safe in.
Sure I could feel a lot safer but the fear factor has definitely diminished as I ride through there.

I stopped for a bike at Seattle Center. Do some work at the office and then to run “Jacques Brel is Alive and Well” at ACT.
That one mile between the Labor Temple is becoming very familiar to me.
I know how to get up and down 2nd and 4th quite well. Won’t say I completely like going those routes but they are efficient even if I had no idea that hill up 2nd so steep until I went up it on a Pronto Bike. That is the best way to find the steep hills in Seattle. Sure they are doable but they are all steep.

Then a calm quiet ride home.

This odd meander was about 16 or 17 miles.
I’ve done that amount on other bikes, and even this bike. I’ve done it before but the one thing that I really marveled at when I got home was how my ass was not sore.
Sure my knees a little stiff but my butt did not hurt from my seat as my old one did.
Even at the end when I would get this odd pain in one of my thighs from that seat was really the sign I needed to replace it. I’m glad I did and I like the one I got. It’s a good seat even if it squeaks a little but some oil on the springs should solve that.

And last thing the best picture from my trip. While waiting for the University Bridge to close I snapped this picture.
This is really what makes biking worth it.