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Post Modern Psychosomatic Syndrome

There’s plenty of programs I shouldn’t watch. Sitcoms (because I’ll be sucked in), reality Tv (because I’ll be upset and sucked in), local morning news (just too damned amusing), blocks of pseudo science programming and medical oddity shows. Not because I’ll end up thinking I have those diseases. Let’s face it those show focus on people that are statistically anomalies. I shouldn’t watch them because I become highly aware I don’t have that disorder in order to make sure I’m damned sure I don’t have it.

See the thing is I’m pretty susceptible to suggestion. The weird part is I know I am going to end up influenced by that sort of thing and go to lengths to make sure that I know so much that I’m damned sure I can’t be influenced by it. Take West Nile… the virus not the region. Beside traveling to Egypt and standing to the west of the Nile River I have no idea what else that region would have in it. Probably the same shit they have on the east side but if one side is better than the other there will be problems.
Stupid direction based feelings of exclusivity.

Still no matter how you slice it when there were rumblings of the beginning of the epidemic, which I was lead to believe would be a pandemic, I went out of my way to find out everything I could. Same thing with Bird Flu, went so far as to not eat Peeps that Easter… not really because while Peeps aren’t all that great there’s a sick sick joy in eating something shaped like a small bird. But microwaving Peeps while very amusing can go to places where most people were not meant to tread.
And it usually involves microwaving plenty of other things… some which shouldn’t be microwaved.

When I don’t go out of my way to avoid becoming influenced I will sometimes become influenced in odd ways. Usually it’s an odd sort of obsession that can morph into a kind of trivia gathering machine. But not in a bad way, it’d work out better if I did pub quizzes or quiz shows or pub shows. As hobbies go it’s not the worst one I’ve ever had. I’d rather not have to remember some really odd hobby I had for a day just to prove my point which is I don’t own a suggestion Box for a good reason.

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