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New Years Ride

January 2, 2015 Leave a comment

First off I broke another spoke.
Once again I am getting tired of that little fun bit of biking.
Checked manual and tried to see if it might be me but so far I highly doubt it is the way I ride and it might be a weight thing but even with my bag I am below what my bike could take.

So I’m a bit annoyed by that but just a bit.

Yesterday I realized that I hadn’t gone for a  ride all year and decided no time like the present to resolve that issue. Pulled out my bike, after a quick check of my tires and they seemed good and went for a ride.
Call me crazy or what have you but I headed North along 8th instead of South as I originally thought.
It was a clear day, by no means warm, but not rainy and figured why not muck about and I hadn’t been to Carkeek Park in quite so time so why not.


Thing I found was riding up hill in the cold is hard.
Real hard on my muscles as they tighten up as I rode. Stopped a bit after chucks to rub my legs but frankly it wasn’t too bad once I got going.
Still I thought sweating a bunch during summer was bad but the sudden charlie horse as I rode was more annoying than dripping sweat at my destination.
Which was a park.
A park where a hike leads to a railroad over pass and a beach.
But there was no rack so I didn’t lock up my bike.
Decided I should head to Chuck’s I did.


so many people

Despite living in Seattle a number of years I have not frequented Green Lake to even the extent that a weekend visitor has. Just not a big fan of the number of people but realizing this and the new year I figured why not head down and give a quick lap around the place.
After all why would people be out?

It is amazing how wrong I am as the walking path is crowded by people having similar thoughts to me. Deciding that a lap around the lake is a good thing to do on this the new year. Every few minutes I’d have to ring my bell as someone had drifted into the bike lane. And for once I didn’t care about seeming too arrogant of biker to signal these people.
People with dogs, or kids, or giant strollers. All going along the path and drifting without attention into the bike path. Little to no care in the world, not that I had much in all fairness because I was just out for a jaunt.

Still more than halfway around the Lake I decide I’ve had enough and head to another destination.


Over the last year I watched as the bridge counter filled.
During the last few weeks there was a but a sliver left before reaching the one million mark.  So when I went over to get a picture and saw that it was empty had a bitter sweet tinge to it.
I had made a number of trips over that bridge and now they were erased.
Well 2015 I plan to make a few more, that is once my spoke is repaired… again.

Stupid spokes if it keeps up I am going to get something heavier duty done because the weight doesn’t bug me but having to constantly repair my spokes do.

Any way good ride and unfortunately it will be some time before I get another one.