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It Ended with an Odd Dream

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Since the End of October I have been working on a boring show.
A 3 hour musical lacking conflict, character development, catchy songs, flashy dance numbers or sexy costumes which makes it barely seem like a musical at all. In fact it was more of a series of vignettes featuring a number of the same characters and the plot was merely a series of events that followed each other. Eventually I’ll write a more detailed entry of my experiences.

This morning I awoke from a dream where me and a few stagehands were discussing excel formulas.
That’s right I dreamt that a group of fellow workers and I were exchanging the best way to calculate your hours. Not the sort of dream people find interesting. Hell even in real life that isn’t the thrill a minute conversation that occurs on a call. It happens but it’s hardly the sort of thing people enjoy discussing… unless you really like excel.
Which I don’t.

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January 30, 2011 Leave a comment

The second to last day isn't a time to try something new. Especially when that change puts the stagehand on a collision course with a set piece. The time to discover was weeks ago now it's all memory and that little change can cause disaster… good thing it didn't.

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Quote of the Moment

January 30, 2011 Leave a comment

When I start complaining I can't see is when people should be worried.

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School Show Day 3 of 3

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Ahh Everett.
I’m gonna see you a little more at this ungodly hour but at least I won’t be doing this dull show. This nearly 3 hour monstrosity that is slow, lacks characters and who’s plot is merely a series of events that follow each other. But that’s another post entirely.

Yesterday it became known that the director wanted to give a tour to 50 students, sounded like 15 at first on com but on second hearing it was 50. Plus side of not being in charge: I got to sit in the green room and drink coffee while this occurred. This made the show start late, of course, and why didn’t it happen after the show?
‘Because the buses would leave’
Apparently schools in Everett charter their buses with Greyhound or Public Transit because most charter buses I’ve been on won’t leave without you. Especially if you’re a child. In a seedy downtown. During the day. At a theatre. But I digress.

While this tour went on I sat in the greenroom drinking coffee trying to wake up enough to remember my track. I’m no morning person but I’ll try dammit! And eventually we begin and the first 90 minutes goes well enough. Kids don’t get it but honestly neither do I expect for an odd mic problem.
Then intermission and this director wants to do a little presentation but wants a mic for it. Which can’t be turned on because audio is fixing a show issue. Now with an additional audio person this wouldn’t be a problem but you’ve got to cut somewhere right?

Intermission runs long, act two begins, the kids have woken up a bit and get into it. The awkwardly tacked on romantic story gets a better reaction than any adult crowd but the inflation laugh doesn’t get any. ($250 for 4 years in Redmond)It goes on and on and at some point it becomes apparent we might get some overtime today.

Just need to break that hour and we get overtime to do the reset.
Don’t break the hour, don’t do the reset and go to lunch get the usual wage.
Curtain call ends and I see this.

So close to getting that extra bit of money but 3:30 too far. Just sooo close. So I do what reset I can, check my watch at 1 and ask ‘Are we doing overtime?’ ‘No’, my master says ‘I’ll see you at 7’ and I walk away for my break.

Or rather I try to but my car is blocked in by other cars, 2 buses and some traffic. Now I could go and finish my preset (off the clock) or I could go sit in the green room, eat an orange and wait for the blockage to move on.

That orange was delicious.

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Watson Wisdom Wednesday

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

An FNG once asked Rich what he was doing on a day off.
Rich's response:
Here's what you do you go by del taco 'cause they got TWO tacos for a dollar, then you go by the liquor store and buy TWO beers, go to the store across the street and get a magazine (they're cheaper there), then go home and lock the door.

You’re not working?

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Each time I have an evening off my family ask me this. And yet for the first time since January 1st I’ve had one.
And then I had a second.

The first day started late, was filled with plenty of couch time, internet surfing and not grocery shopping. It ended with me catching a friend’s band play at a small venue in the Market.
Spent a good chunk of their time looking at the powered speakers on truss, led lighting and doing the general facility critique that is all too common, my opinion: not a bad space but for what they charge people for a table I’d have expected more. But hey that’s me.
Good show glad I went.

Next day also started late. Checked movie times, swung by the library, post office, got lunch, and deposited a few pay checks. Then I caught an early afternoon showing of ‘Black Swan’, tried to go to a drunken doodle night at a bar but it wasn’t happening, saw a bit of the State of the Union at another, went to the cell phone store with a friend and then bubble tea, topped the night off with a trip to another bar for taboo, peanuts, Doctor Who pinball and inventing rules for shuffleboard as we couldn’t understand the rules for it.
I blame the rules having too many words so we played a bocci ball like game and then see who can get closest to the other side without going over.

And this morning I wake up at 7am for no apparently reason.

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Tweeting who?

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Regret is something I often feel.
Maybe it’s taking the call instead of sleep, going back for thirds at catering or deciding to try for a life but today is my first regret of the new year.

Working an event where people discuss the importance of having a social media presence to CEOs, excs and other people of importance with a chamber of commerce and there’s a twitter feed of the event.

I have a smart phone.
I may have made a twitter account at some point.
I was playing with my phone.
How is it I didn’t tweet ‘says hi from the sound board’?

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