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20181207_150917It’s not fun when I’m sick.

It’s even less fun when she’s sick.

But we have to find a way through it.

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Coffeeneuring #7

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Portside Coffee but I took it to Coffee outside so we’ll say Coffee Outside

Portside is a place I’ve been meaning to get a picture of because it’s an interesting building and after seeing a few mentions of Coffee Outside I’d hope we had one and we do.

18.3 Miles

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Lime Ride

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20181108_170047.jpgTrying an electric bike

5.5 Mile Commute

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Coffeeneuring #6

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Starbucks at a Safeway

When insomnia hits and pancakes seem in order only to discover milk is low, what other choice did I have at 5am?

8.7 Miles

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Coffeeneuring #5

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A la Mode Pies

A pie shop so great that I was able to convince my wife for our wedding we should have pie instead of cake. I had their key lime while living in Fremont and it stunned me with how good it was.

11.7 miles

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Coffeeneuring: Week Off

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This week, I’m not going to get any rides in.

Not upset about it because I get to spend time with my daughter and we have fun together. Or at least I have fun and she enjoys it but also cries some of the time. Next year I might have a way to bring her with me while I cycle but right now she is too young and without doing something like attaching a car seat I go solo.

Coffeeneuring #4

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It’s Real Awesome!

King Donut

The amazing Donut/ Teriyaki/ Laundry Mat of South East Seattle

8.9 Miles

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