A Phishie Day

October 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Today was a blur.
First off being out of department has been a nice change.
While I normally run a spot I will say it have been fun to be on the rail for this show.
A Bus man’s Holiday as one of our sound crew described it and I have to agree.
Change of scenery, good company, and not too difficult.
Sure I have 8 cues and worry about falling asleep but frankly it’s a good time even if I have no idea what is happening in this show besides something about saving business by attracting niche markets.
You know the usual about surviving in the global economy.

Still it’s been real fun and while we have a week left I’ll be happy to return to my light and my usual job but it is good to take time and play in other departments… even if I don’t get to have my name spelled wrong on the spot tag.


I don't know who Sal Ponze is but I think he owes me money

So two shows and a concert load out.
Good times, fun times, the best of times.
Made better by the fact that it was easy.
At one point I am breaking down some platforms and a road guy asks me about my double dipping and I explain I have a gig elsewhere but like my benefits with the city so I take the outs when I can. The part I don’t explain is how good it is to not be charge.
Not only not in charge but so far removed I can turn my brain off and just do the work as told.
As I told a fellow hand once when there were six of us walking to a road guy that asked for four just before I stopped, “Let’s hold back because he wanted 4 and I can count.”

It’s a good change even if it hardly keeps my skills sharp but it does let me be stress free because it’s not my gig. Do what you’re told, how you’re told, and don’t argue. Unless it’s dangerous then you fucking argue all day long.
But hey that’s me and that makes it interesting.

Also interesting is bike in work boots.
Man alive steel toes with some wind and going up the few hills into work.
I thought my legs were lead and the weight of the whole procedure impossible.
Biking in nearly every day and going for longer rides has given me extra strength but there are times that it all feels for naught as I wake up some mornings and it’s just as hard as the first day I rode to Gasworks Park.


Yes I popped my hip. Yes it's past 3 am. Yes I am sweaty. What of it?

No matter what can be said about the load out it was a quick one.
2 and a half hours and we were out and my crew got great swag.
Seems they ran out of video local crew shirts and we got Eugene specific soft as a cloud merch t shirts.
In addition the road guys were quite nice and this was a bonus.

I’m glad I went into work last night.


October 15, 2014 Leave a comment

Man what an odd day.
Started out overcast and some rain.
So I had considered not riding because while I sort of have some rain gear I have no rain gear.
Biking as with regular life I prefer wool to synthetic for rain wear.  It’s good and all except for the extra weight that comes.
Any way I threw on my wool coat and headed out.
Little drizzle but the wind.
When I went down hill on second it was blowing so hard that I had to peddle against it.
That was not something I ever thought I’d have to do.

Then as I head home it’s a nice cool evening.
No idea what is happening.

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Coffeeneur 2

October 13, 2014 Leave a comment

Know what seems like a good idea on a day off?
And a great place for biscuits is Morsel.
While there is one which opened up across the street I figured going to the one in the U District was a better challenge and then I can do my Coffeeneur for the day off.
Off I got and down the Burke Gilman Trail to the U District.


On the way I noticed this sign.
Didn’t know such a service was needed but then I remember back to the Fourth of July where the Locks had far too many bikes for the few racks that they have. Usually enough for day to day but when it’s something big like a holiday or a football game.
But none the less good to know.

So there was a small hill as I got to Morsel and it wasn’t too bad.
Sure it ended up in Sharrows and I’m not a huge fan of those but thankfully the drivers seemed a bit used to bikes or weren’t too pissed at me. Down side about the way I ride is I’m not the fastest person around even if I have been getting quicker.


So I made it to Morsel and it was packed in there.
Hell it is usually packed in there. Even when it was Nook and I lived on Magnolia and would try to find the hours and google felt I was looking for the Nook, which was a wine bar in the Village, and I would sit yelling my computer while my cat look on in odd amusement.
But that’s all in the past as I believe both Nooks have closed.
After my order I am informed that it’ll around 25 minutes before my food is ready and am I ok waiting I reply, “No problem at all.” See I can look around and know in 25 minutes someone will leave and I will be able to steal their spot.
Which I do.

Now they gave me a cup of coffee with a saucer.
Cup and saucer is the way to go. I really enjoy that. Once a long time ago I happened to buy a huge cup with saucer at Ikea to the amusement of my friends. None knew that I enjoyed my coffee with a saucer and even my family finds it a touch amusing. But there is something quite nice about a cup and saucer.

Man alive the biscuit was good and unfortunately knowing another location opened near me makes this no better.
Stupid good food.

I finish my biscuit and coffee and head north figuring I’d go around Green Lake.
And then I end up trying to go up Phinney Ridge let me tell you is a pain.
Hills are a pain.
Hills will always be a pain.
Even though they are getting easier and easier they are still a pain.
But I make it to the top and as I’m going up to 65th before descending home I see this.


Way to go Sully’s.
I dig you style and need to visit more.


October 8, 2014 Leave a comment

Load in started at 8am today.
That is after a full day of an advance tomorrow.
Not terrible but when it’s hour forty before house opens and I’m wearing a harness waiting to finish the box boom focus things may not be going according to schedule.
But we had a show.
It all more or less worked out.
There are some moments that the load may have been done better and some tweaking that will occur in the run of Kinky Boots but right now we had a show and loading into the Fifth Ave is a bit tricky and doesn’t always go according to plan.

Then on my ride home some for was rolling in.
It looked pretty cool in my head lamp but it means that Autumn is here and time to break out the wool.


It looked more impressive in person and it may not have been that thick of a fog but it was still neat.

Coffeeneur Number 1

October 5, 2014 Leave a comment

Last year sometime I first ran into the idea of coffeenuering on Chasing Mailboxes. At the time I didn’t think myself a strong enough rider/ was intimidated/ had no idea what I was doing. So I passed on the challenge.
This year I decided I had nothing to lose.
Especially when Washington Bikes posted about the challenge.
So I joined the facebook page and gave it a shot.
This is my little 6 mile ride up Capitol Hill to kill time which started as the notion of a partial date and then killing time before a graduation might not be within the full “rules” of the challenge but I only counted the way there so ok?
Maybe not but that is something else to deal.
It was Arabica Lounge and I had a drip coffee that came in a mason jar mug quite reminiscent of a friend named Adam. No bike benefits but there was a rack nearby on the street and within was a hook for a single bike. They had some nice looking pastries but I enjoyed my coffee and got a text that turned into the partial date so I end the report there.
Total miles: 6.76


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The real downside of living in Seattle comes in the Autumn when it starts getting darker.
Since “A Chorus Line” is going away and “Kinky Boots” is coming in it meant that I have a return to normal hours.
Which means a morning bike ride.

Just a few months ago this meant a nice ride as the sun is up, the air is still cool, and the day is full of possibilities. Unfortunately it means a little less of that now that Autumn has begun. I start my ride with the predawn glow of the rising sun, my way lit by my bike lights. Just cold enough to feel the need for a jacket at the start but not so much to require it.

Then comes the knowledge these trips will not be a rare thing but become more and more common as winter approaches. Soon there will be a day when I leave and it’s dark adn return home and it’s dark. Not the grand adventure that summer seemed to bring but also not the worst thing ever.

As an aside I ran into a bike twin while at Fred Meyers.
Since I was close to where I bought it this shouldn’t shock me but it was unexpected.

Hill Climb

September 30, 2014 Leave a comment

Didn’t make it to Chuck’s for this accomplishment.
Today I biked up Capitol Hill to meet someone for lunch.
Ahh yes the Hill, the place that makes me feel older and older as well as less & less cool ( not that as if I was everything but kind of cool) each time I end up there.
Yet it was easier to meet on the Hill than to explain my apprehension about making the climb.
So I went up.
Didn’t make it up that quickly and maybe I should have gone Pine because there is a bike lane, or a sharrow at least, but I took Pike.
Got me thinking about this strange experiment and the other hills that I wonder about going over.
Sure Dexter is a steep looking Hill but is it really that bad?
I guess only time will tell.


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