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More things I learned from Teenage Sitcoms

  1. Once accepted into a clique you may leave temporarily but ultimately you have to go back.
  2. The personable, cool, hip, role model will be a hypocrite
  3. A bad hair cut can spell social ruin
    1. A true understanding of acceptance will be learned.
  4. Younger Siblings are annoying; older siblings are cool
    1. Both will lead to embarrassing situations.
  5. With a Driver’s License comes a car
    1. Or the prospect of rebuilding one during a montage
    2. Gas will never be a concern.
  6. The one unobtainable person will choose an unexpected person to go with at the last moment. Claiming they (the unobtainable one) always thought they (the loser) was cool.
  7. Drinking and drugs are always bad.
  8. If you have a band and never practice you will be good when called upon to play
  9. If you are in style you will always be in style. Unfortunately the opposite is also true.
  10. Elaborate pranks are easy to execute and there are no repercussions.
  11. Everyone has their day.
    1. If you aren’t part of the main cast you may not be seen again after your day.
  12. Janitors, lunch ladies, groundskeepers and other support staff are walking fonts of wisdom
  13. People will rally to your cause no matter how far the odds are against you.
  14. Wearing a black leather jacket makes you a rebel.
    1. Wearing a brown leather one makes you a poseur.

1. If it has fringe you are a megaloser.

A. Unless you are a girl then you are a hippy.

  1. Single mothers returning to school will receive support from students, facility, friends and family.
  2. Eventually someone will have a pregnancy scare but everything will turn out ok and be forgotten.

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